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Study Spanish In Malaga

at our school "Instituto Picasso"

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Study Spanish In Malaga

at our school "Instituto Picasso"


One of the outstanding language schools in Malaga. The classes are composed by the most varied nationalities: Europe, United States, Japan, China...

The Spanish language school Pablo Picasso was founded in 1982, and since then more than 35000 Spanish learners from all over the world have successfully participated in its spanish courses in Malaga. As one of the longest-standing schools of Malaga, it is located on one of the most characteristic spots in town, the square ‘Plaza de la Merced’, in a historic 19th Century building forming part of the ancient town centre.

Spanish Courses in Malaga

Our Spanish Courses

All books used in class is included in the course fee. Our courses admit all ages and levels. The minimum age without adult company is 16 years.

Accommodation For Our Students

Accomodations are available from Sunday before the course starts until the Saturday 12:00 a.m. after the last course day.

School Activities

In coordination with the Tourist Board of Malaga, we schedule cultural visits for our students

The Spanish school in the centre of Malaga

The school is situated in a historic 19th Century building forming part of the ancient town centre. Just fifty metres from the Institute, you find, converted into a museum nowadays, the house where Pablo Picasso was born.

Courses Fees

The courses are from 10:00 a.m to 2:00 p.m.. In summer, we establish different time tables, depending on the number of students.
Course duration: minimum 1 week. Extension of the course is possible.
Enrolment fee: 40€ (For a 1-week course, the enrolment fee is 20€).

D.E.L.E. preparation
695€ / per 4 weeks
  • 4 lessons/day
  • Minimum 3 participans
  • Only in April, July and October
Private Tution
28€ / per 1 hour/dey

  • 2 hours/day = 55€
  • 3 hours/day = 80€
  • 4 hours/day = 100€


We offer 6 levels of 4 weeks each (A1 & A1+, A2 & A2+, B1 & B1+, B2, C1, C2) These levels are subdivided in 2 units of 2 weeks.

Breakthrough. (A1 & A1+)

This initial Spanish level qualify to interact with a near environment related to the more immediate needs using a simple everyday language.

Waystage. (A2 & A2+)

This level qualify students to express themselves and understand in daily life situations related to their experiences and the near environment.

Threshold. (B1 & B1+)

This level qualify students to get on in many different situations of daily life. The student will be able to understand and produce simple texts...

Vantage. (B2)

The student will be able to get on in many different situation with native speakers with fluency and spontaneity and without effort. He/she will be able to produce clear and detailed texts of many different issues, as well as to defend his/her opinions...

Effective operational proficiency. (C1)

This level qualify students to express themselves fluently and effectively using the right expressions in each situation. They will be able to get on effectively in academic and professional environments ...

Mastery. (C2)

This level qualify students to get on with native speakers in any situation efficiently, spontaneously and with precision. They will have the total control of the wide range of hints of the Spanish language with a fluency near to the native speaker.


Students' comments on our courses, school and city.

" Picasso is a great language school with friendly and helpfull teachers and there are a lot of extra curricular activities too. "

Aubrey Kowalski

Aubrey Kowalski


" I love Málaga! The school is really good, the teachers are niceand we´re in the middle of the center near the beach. Made some great friends-party all night. "

Caradoc Lewandowski

Caradoc Lewandowski


" What a beautiful experience! The students and the teachers are both really nice... I´m thinkung about do this next summer again! "

Gregory Andrade

Gregory Andrade


" You will have many opportunities study Spanish and learn Spanish culture. Malaga is a safe and beautiful city. "

Radley Rasmussen

Radley Rasmussen


Welcome Instituto Picasso

During the Spanish course program we have a wide program of activities and excursions.

Spanish Corse 2
Spanish Corse 5

Plaza de la Merced 20-1,

Malaga, 29012 Spain

+ 34-952-21-39-32

+ 34-952-22-79-48

Looking for Accredited Spanish Courses?

Spanish School Pablo Picasso has been accredited by Instituto Cervantes, which means it meets the conditions set by Instituto Cervantes Accreditation System for Centers, the only International accreditation exclusively focused on the teaching as Spanish as a foreign language.